How to get everything you ever wanted!


The secret is not having wealth, it is creating wealth.


The Secret Power Within is the answer. It is like the old saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. In this book I will teach you how to fish. We all have heard about Donald Trump and his fall to the bottom, losing all his millions, only to be back on top with even more millions just a few years later. Mr. Trump knows how to fish. This book, The Secret Power Within, will prepare you and divine blessings will overtake you when the opportunity arises.


The first step is for you to realize your millions are not in some far off, unreachable place – your millions are waiting for you in your mind, simply waiting for you to unleash them. Unleashing triune manyour wealth, first comes from an understanding of where they are – your mind. Your mind consists of two parts you tap into on a regular basis which is your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind. I realize that a place you’ve never been before can be a scary and uncomfortable place to go. Once you’ve been there a few times and learn more about it, it becomes less scary and more comfortable. This is how we are going to look at this visit to place in our minds, the new ideas I am going to share with you in this book.


Your conscious mind (objective – soul) is the mind that you actively think with all day long, everyday. It is that constant internal voice you hear in your head all day long. This mind is limited and can work on a few things at any one time.


Your subconscious mind (spirit – subjective) is the mind that is unlimited and performs billions of functions every second of your life. It houses all your knowledge, memories, dreams and creativity. It has been programmed to run your body and life automatically. This program keeps you from having to “think” about how to walk, talk, breathe, drive, write, etc. It does many of these things at the same time. It can handle anything and everything you want it to. It has unlimited capacities to add new things. It only requires programming.


Remember when you learned how to tie your shoes. In the beginning you had to concentrate on all the steps required to tie a bow. After practicing you can now tie your shoe without any actual “thought.” You simply have to “intend” to tie your shoe and your mind program takes over. This is the same programming you need to become healthy and wealthy (back to Homepage)


This book will teach you how to program your new life for health, wealth, riches and success. It will teach you how to tap into the secret power within you to help achieve your new destiny.


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Facts About the Author


Dr. George D. Hamilton is a recognized, renowned author, teacher, lecturer, of KINGDOM PRINCIPLES AND SPIRITUAL LAWS. He received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree and Honorary Doctorate (D.D) from Allen University,Columbia, South Carolina.

He received a Masters Degree in Public Administration (M.P.A.) from the Univerisity of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina. Dr. Hamilton received a Masters Degree (Th.M.) and Doctorate Degree in Theology (TH.D.) from Gulf Coast Theological Seminary, In Panama City, florida.

He is founder and Chancellor of Rhema Bible College, Summerville, South Carolina. He is also founder of W.O.R.D. Ministries Christian Center, Inc., Summerville South Carolina.